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Beswick Education Services 

Welcome and thank you for stopping by – I’m so honoured you are here taking in my life’s work and passion.

You see, I’m here to leave my mark and my legacy as an education powerhouse to be reckoned with. To empower my fellow artists with skills, knowledge, and confidence.
So they experience the joy of being a hairdresser every day.

I challenge, elevate and encourage salon professionals to be my tagline: #BeTheExceptionalHairdresser

What does this mean? It means that I teach the full client journey which encompasses not just the technical, but also sales and communication skills.

Because hairdressers ‘don’t just do hair’.


Bernadetter Beswick

Bernadette Beswick

My Work

I’m constantly pushing the boundaries of my own work and what I am capable of producing – whether it is Collections for Awards submissions or step-by-step videos for my students to learn and revise with time and time again.

I’ve been a proud hair educator for 12 years, and a passionate hairdresser for 37 years. I fiercely invest in my own personal growth and career development, as much as I invest in the education and evolution of my students.

My goal is to stimulate them with fresh work that is current and executed by me, so I EARN THE RIGHT TO TEACH.

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Fresh Marketing Material

I keep my course marketing and approach fresh, on-trend and unique. I engage with innovative language and course names such as: Consultation Champion, Retail Rage, and Bombed Out Layers!

My sessions are highly sought after and highly rated by industry titans, and every day I take my authentic teaching, communication, sales and highly honed technical strengths, and deliver courses that cover the gamut of essential business and creative hairdressing skills.

I’m dedicated to my mission of delivering inspired, talented, innovating stylists that will carry the next generation of hairdressers forward.

Class Materials

Here is an example of the PowerPoint Presentation I give my students to encourage them to have an engaging learning experience.

Multi-Platform Learning Options

This moment in time, as hard as it’s been, has opened fresh creative ways for me to spread my gift of educating in more ways than I ever dreamed of.

I’ve challenged myself beyond anything I could have imagined to become a one-stop hairdressing education destination that offers a COMBINATION of learning and support.

This includes:

  • Live hands-on classes and workshops
  • The birth of Australia’s first membership based Haircutting Clubs
  • Professional and engaging video tutorials
  • Virtual Zoom Classes
  • In-salon and one-on-one classes

B.E.S now delivers a combination of live and online interaction in multiple formats that continues to honour the personal connection and post-class materials and follow-up that I am widely known for.


B.E.S. Social Media

Social media has been an incredible tool to engage and inspire the industry and my students, whilst significantly and strategically growing my brand.

B.E.S has a strong organic social media presence on all major platforms where I share high energy videos and daily motivation for all to benefit from, along with my work, process and current projects.

At least 4 TIMES PER DAY I share hands-on video’s, tips, work from students, in-salon training and inspiration.

I empower my followers to see themselves as

‘more than just a hairdresser, because hairdressers change lives’.

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